(That title triggered “You’re  Welcome” to play in my head if that helps you get to know what kind of person I am.)

Hello, and welcome to this blog! My name is Kiersten, but some of you may be coming from my Instagram, where I go by missphotopass.
Here’s a little bit about me, since it’s pretty hard to introduce oneself on an Instagram page.

I’m originally from Canada and moved to Orlando in 2013. We moved for Disney. No, really. Well, also to escape the snow, but mostly for Walt Disney World. We visited so much throughout my life that it became the obvious choice to just live in our favourite place. I have since gone to college out of state, so coming back to Orlando is very special since it involves not only seeing my family and cats, but also my friends and the place I feel the most comfortable.

My favourite park is the Magic Kingdom, and that is where I spend most of my time, but I’m incredibly attached to all of them. I love Disneyland Resort but have not ventured beyond the American Disney Parks. It is my dream to go to all before I die.

My favourite characters are numerous and include Aurora, Tiana, Jack Skellington, Moana, and Peter Pan. But Chewbacca still gives the best hugs on property, hands down.

I am also very attached to Marvel, so I’ll be writing about them some on here as well. I’m very passionate about all things Disney, as well as the inner workings and history of everything. I love photography, and it’s been a passion and hobby of mine for a number of years, long before missphotopass and long before I immigrated.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, opinions, experiences and news, and if you ever see me running around the World, always stop me to say hi! I loooove new friends.



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